About Me

Moran is a teacher by day and a writer by night. While there are plenty of sites out there that teach you to write, she realized that the amount of independent research that still had to happen left massive holes in the information available. So with 33 books in hand and a strong cup of coffee, Crown of Ink was born.

Moran can’t go a day without reading, although writing reviews for those books often ends in a blank page and a shrug. The current record is 609 books in 17 weeks, but it won’t be for long. Don’t be surprised if you see photos with fuzzy tails tucked in the corners, the two dogs and cat running around the house tend to find their way into the frame.

As always, feel free to send an email, message, or comment. Feedback is always welcome.

*note: the site is currently being redone. So if something is off or doesn’t direct where it is supposed to, don’t worry. It’ll be fixed soon.

Email: real.thea.moran@gmail.com

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