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The Core of Character Personalities: Myers-Briggs Summaries

As my other article stated, the core to personalities starts with a standard system. I’m choosing to use Myer-Briggs and have included summaries of each of the 16 types found in Gerke’s Plot versus Character.

The Types

INFP: Sees the world as full of wonder, as through rose-colored glasses; must have work that has a meaningful purpose; idealistic

ENFJ: Organized and decisive; works to build harmony in personal relationships; empathetic; sees potential in everyone.

ISFJ: A serious observer of other people; overwhelming desire to serve others, often taken advantage of; responsible.

ESTP: Tolerant and flexible; actions, not words; the doer, not the thinker; spontaneous; impulsive; competitive.

INFJ: True activist for a worthy cause; good insights into other people; remembers specifics about people who are important to him.

ESTJ: The person self-appointed to keep everyone in line; prefers facts to opinions; stays with the tried and true; practical.

ENFP: Idea person; warm and enthusiastic; enjoys work that involves variety and experimentation.

ISTJ: Quietly thorough and dependable; always seeking to clearly understand things; punctual to a fault; can seem cold.

ESFJ: Generous entertainer; lover of holidays and special occasions; natural leader; good delegator; encourager; cooperative.

ENTP: Ingenious; outspoken; easily bored by routine; challenges status quo; institutes change; clever; incisive

INTP: Obsessed with achieving logical consistency of thought; natural and creative scientist; looks for the logical explanation.

ENTJ: Organizes groups to meet task-oriented goals; vision caster; always seems to find himself leading; spots inefficiencies and fixes them.

INTJ: System builder; both imaginative and reliable; natural strategist; long-range planner; independent and original.

ISTP: Doesn’t do something unless it’s a big project into which he can throw himself utterly; great “big problem” solver.

ESFP: Exuberant; outgoing; a lover of life; hedonistic; partier; scattered; into things that are “new”; Johnny on the spot; chatty.

ISFP: Sensitive; caring; all about feelings: his and other people’s; moody; quiet; kind; doesn’t like conflict; needs his own space.

Find one that speaks to you and start some notes. Do some research. You got this.

Keep writing, Lovelies


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